Sesame Bankhall Group partners with CAF Bank

CAF Bank is wholly owned by Charities Aid Foundation, an international charity which last year distributed over £400 million to charities. CAF Bank provides loans to not-for-profit organisations, including social enterprises, housing associations, care homes, churches and other faith-based groups.

CAF Bank’s offerings include commercial mortgages, re-financing, property purchase and property development, with loan offers ranging from £100,000 to £2.5m. To date, the lender’s diverse client bank has included social housing providers, a heritage steam railway and an education charity.

John Cupis, Managing Director, Mortgages, at SBG, commented:

With a growing number of our members’ customers having links with charities and social organisations, partnering with CAF Bank is a welcome addition to the SBG stable. This announcement is part of our ongoing strategy of providing advisers with a wide range of products they can offer to their customers.

Peter Ostacchini, Chief Executive Officer, CAF Bank, said:

CAF Bank is devoted to helping charities, social enterprises, churches, housing associations and many other not-for-profit organisations fulfil their missions. CAF Bank is wholly owned by a charity and ploughs any surplus back into the charitable sector. As well as being able to offer fantastic rates on loans, we really understand how not-for-profit organisations work and specialise in meeting their needs.

We know loans can make a massive difference for many organisations. We are delighted to be working with Sesame Bankhall Group so we can help more organisations make a difference.

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