Tablet apps and Google Maps: Adding extra value to client visits with SBG’s Practice Management System

The XPLANTouch Adviser App brings a new dimension to client meetings by making some of the system’s most interactive tools – like the Investor Risk Profiler, and the client Mind Map – available on touch screen devices.

This means important processes with the client’s involvement, instead of just transferring the information on their behalf, which both increases transparency, and thereby their trust in you, and also engages them much more deeply in their own decisions about their financial futures.

The key features of the app work both on and offline, so you are not dependent on WiFI or 3G access, and the app is available for free to existing users of SBG’s Practice Management System from both iTunes and Google Play stores.

Sesame Bankhall Group are the first company to bring XPLANTouch to the UK as it adapts the XPLAN system, built by Australian firm IRESS, to the UK market. Head of adviser technology, James Stevenson, said:

It is clear advisers demand access to services anytime, anywhere and from any device, and we see this as a timely development from IRESS. Our initial review of XPLANTouch has been positive and we are pleased that IRESS has developed a tablet app that integrates seamlessly with the core XPLAN system. We have had significant interest in XPLANTouch from our customers, and we see benefit for advisers wishing to conduct basic fact finding and risk assessment with clients without having the need to access the full system. We made XPLANTouch available to our customers in May, and are the first people in the UK to have access to this great new tool.

Google Maps integration

Another new feature of the latest release is the integration of Google Maps to allow location-based processing of client data. This can help make trips out of the office much more efficient by plotting client and prospect data on a map based either on an existing client’s location, or simply by entering a town or postcode as a reference point. This enables advisers to more effectively plan their time out of the office so it can be used more efficiently, or to help you drop in on a client or prospect for added customer service!

A final new feature is a new online version of the Electronic Common Quotation Form (eCQF), integrated with Avelo Exchange, which uses the latest comprehensive medical question set, approved by the major providers of enhanced annuities, to allow the provision of accurate and fully underwritten quotes from SBG’s panels of enhanced annuity providers.

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