I need support getting my customers’ plans into trust

If you need support with getting your customers’ plans into trust, look no further. We’ve partnered with the UK’s leading protection providers to bring you lots of information you need to help you get started with getting your customers’ plans into trust.



Adviser guides

Guide To Trusts from AIG
AIG has written this guide to explain how trusts work for AIG life insurance policies.
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Trusts For Businesses Guide from AIG
AIG has written this guide to explain how trusts work for AIG Business Protection
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Benefits Of Placing Life Assurance Under Trust from Aviva
When taking out a life cover policy a trust should normally be considered. In this article Aviva will look at an example of someone taking out a new term assurance policy, the advantages and implications of using a trust, and how to set it up.
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Find The Right Trust from Royal London
Designed to help build your business, this interactive page will help you choose the correct trust form for an individual client. Just make the selections that apply to your client and a box will appear at the bottom of the screen to let you know which form you should use.
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Trust Hub from Legal & General
Legal & General’s trust hub can help make explaining the many benefits of putting a personal protection policy in trust, and setting one up now even easier. It’s designed for use face to face with your clients too. Learn more and get started today.
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Zurich guide to online trusts

Explore the importance of trusts
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Guide to adviser trusts
For personal protection trusts.
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Guide to being a trustee
Your role and responsibilities.
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Getting the right trust in place for your client
Ensuring clients money is handled in-line with their wishes - avoiding probate.
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Business protection guide to trusts

For business protecton policies
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Skills training

Introduction To Trusts from AIG
This webinar is designed to give you insight into the reasons for using trusts, the characteristics of the common types of personal and business trusts, and the responsibilities of the key parties involved.
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Guide To Trusts from Legal & General

Legal & General have a recorded online presentation providing an overview of trusts with their Life Technical expert. This includes IHT liabilities, the benefits of placing cover in trust, considerations for life or earlier critical illness plans and their online trust process.
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