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Whether you’re new to protection, or you’re just out of the habit, we’ve partnered with the UK’s leading protection providers to bring you lots of the information to get started with protection – all in one place.

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Guide to making a recommendation

Everything you need to know about the factors you need to consider when it comes to making a protection recommendation for your customers.

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Tools and Calculators

Sometimes, nothing helps your customers to understand the value of protection better than seeing their personal statistics played out in front of them. To help you personalise the protection journey, we’ve collated some of the market’s leading calculators, to bring you all the tools you need in one place:

  • What Are The Chances? calculator from Legal & General
    Legal & General’s risk reality calculator can help you to consider how to protect what matters, for today and tomorrow.
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  • Deadline To Breadline calculator from Legal & General
    How quickly would your customer’s money run out, if anything happened to them or their partner as a result of long-term sickness or injury, critical illness or the death of the main breadwinner?
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  • Real Life Toolkit from The Exeter
    Get everything you need to know about Real Life as well as tools and guides to help you explain the benefits to your customers.
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  • BMI calculator from The Exeter
    Get an indicative loading for your customer.
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  • The Toolkit from AIG
    Get AIG’s complete protection toolkit.
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  • How to communicate the importance of protection products to clients
    Find out how to communicate the importance of protection products to your clients.
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  • LV= Risk Reality Calculator 
    Guide to How to use the risk reality calculator available here >
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  • LV Product Matchmaker
    Helping you have tailored protection conversations
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  • Claims performance 2021
    Supporting your clients financially, emotionally and practically
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  • LV= Doctor Services guide
    Providing you with expert medical advice and support wherever you are
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To book a one-to-one online product briefing, please complete the form and one of the Guardian Business Development Managers will contact you to arrange a time to discuss their products in detail.

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Product Overview Videos

Family Income Benefit

Get started with Zenith

Zenith protection from Sesame gives you access to 16 of the UK’s leading protection providers. Click below to get to know them and their offerings – and get started today.

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How to identify your customers’ personal protection needs

This personal liability audit form from Aegon is designed to help you identify your customers’ personal protection needs. Simply fill in the form as part of your fact-find conversation!

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Sesame account manager support

Your Sesame account manager is here to help you get started with protection. From navigating the products and providers available with your Sesame membership, to how you can embed protection into your firm’s processes, reach out to your Sesame account manager today to get the support you need.