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I need an introduction to income protection

If you need an introduction to income protection, look no further. We’ve partnered with the UK’s leading protection providers to bring you lots of information you need to help you get started with income protection.



Adviser guides

How To Talk About Income Protection from Legal & General in partnership with Cover Magazine
Legal & General, in partnership with Cover Magazine, produced this guide that gives a generic overview of income protection – a great place to start if you’re new to the product! It was produced in 2020 but it’s still a great source of information about the value of this important cover for customers.
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Let’s Talk Insurance: Overcoming Language Barriers And Bias from The Exeter
Clear communication is a central pillar in the adviser/customer relationship.
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Income Protection Adviser Sales Guide from The Exeter
Download The Exeter’s guide to selling income protection.
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Customer case studies

Sharon’s story

This case study from AIG tells how Sharon lived a normal and healthy life, and never imagined she would need to claim on her insurance.

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Income protection tools

  • Income protection tool from AIG
    See the likelihood of your customer becoming ill and how quickly savings can run out if they’re unable to return to work.
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  • Interactive shortfall calculator from Vitality
    This tool illustrates the need for income protection with clients. It takes only a few seconds to produce a tailored report for each client, showing what cover they’d need to maintain their lifestyle, the likelihood of them becoming ill or injured and the shortfall they’d face if they had to rely on state benefits.
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  • Income risk calculator from The Exeter
    The ultimate protection conversation starter.
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  • Dual deferred period maximum benefit calculator from Zurich
    Work out the maximum benefit your customer should apply for under a Zurich Income Protection Policy when selecting dual deferred periods.
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  • Maximum monthly benefit calculator from Zurich
    Work out the maximum monthly benefit your client can apply for under a Zurich Income Protection policy.
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  • Occupational guide tool from Zurich
    Use your client's occupation to check what Zurich can offer.
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  • Income first toolkit from The Exeter
    Get everything you need to launch a successful income protection sales campaign including The Exeter’s powerful new income risk calculator and so much more…
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  • LV= Risk Reality Calculator
    Try the risk reality calculator
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  • Income shortfall calculator
    Explore personal protection tools and calculators.
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  • Suitability letter builder
    Try the LV suitability letter builder
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Get started with Zenith

Zenith protection from Sesame gives you access to 16 of the UK’s leading protection providers. Click below to get to know them and their offerings – and get started today.

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Sesame account manager support

Your Sesame account manager is here to help you get started with protection. From navigating the products and providers available with your Sesame membership, to how you can embed protection into your firm’s processes, reach out to your Sesame account manager today to get the support you need.