Sales skills and objection-handling


I need help with sales skills and objection-handling

If you need support with your sales skills and objection-handling, you’ve come to the right place! We’ve reached out to our provider partners to collate some of the best sales training materials in the market, as well as a series of helpful sales and marketing materials that you can use to support your customer conversations.

Head below to discover the brochures, leaflets and training available.



Join Legal & General for a mini-series of lunchtime protection workshops

We’ve partnered with the protection experts at Legal & General to bring you a mini-series of lunchtime protection workshops, and a number of sessions are designed to help you build your sales skills and master objection-handling.

10 Sales Ideas

12.30pm-1pm, Monday 16 May with Hazel Johnston

Hints and tips which lead to better customer outcomes within a fast-paced, 30-minute webinar.

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Are You Missing The Remortgage Opportunity?

12.30pm-1pm, Tuesday 17 May with Hazel Johnston

In this webinar Legal & General will explore the size of the remortgage market and how you can make the most of this. Plus, you’ll hear some simple ways to review a client's needs and ensure they are fully protected, and get a useful checklist designed to help you and your clients.

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Reality Vs. Perception (Formally Known As Deadline To Breadline)

12.30pm-1.15pm, Thursday 19 May with Hazel Johnston

The average household is just 24 days from the breadline, far shorter than the 90 days most people believe. In this webinar Legal & General will share insights from their award-winning Deadline to Breadline research, and look at proactive ways on how you can use this to bring the need for protection to life in conversations with your clients.

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Sales skills training from AIG

  • How To Reinvigorate Your Critical Illness Sales Process
    Webinar from AIG
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  • Sales Process Part 1
    Podcast from AIG
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  • Sales Process Part 2
    Podcast from AIG
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  • Fact Finding Part 1
    Podcast from AIG
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Sales aids

Claims Paid In 2020 from Aegon
Need to show your customers that insurance really does pay out when you need it? This infographic from Aegon breaks this down in their latest stats.

Family income benefit sales aid from Aegon

What do your customers value most? An income gives us all the freedom to do so many things, and that’s why it's the foundation to all financial planning. So it's important your customers protect it. Show them why family income benefit could be the answer.

Instant Life Insurance

Sales aid from AIG

Whole Of Life

Download the sales aid from AIG

Relevant Life Features Table

Download the sales aid from AIG

Protecting Against The Cost Of Injury

Fracture cover sales aid from Legal & General

Fast Results From Some Of The UK’s Top Medical Experts

Private Diagnostics sales aid from Legal & General

Mental Health, Physical Wellbeing And Back To Work Support: For Today, For Tomorrow

Rehabilitation support sales aid from Legal & General

Personalised Support For Your Client And Their Family

Wellbeing support sales aid from Legal & General

Fracture cover from Zurich
Protect yourself from the cost of broken bones, dislocations, tears and ruptures

Objection Handling toolkit from Zurich
Let's be more practical and less technical

Marketing to your customers: brand your own assets

We’ve created some social media image cards, designed for you to personalise with your own brand identity and contact information! Simply follow the instructions in the documents and start sharing with your customers today!

    Download customisable infographic Download customisable social media cards

    Get started with Zenith

    Zenith protection from Sesame gives you access to 16 of the UK’s leading protection providers. Click below to get to know them and their offerings – and get started today.

    Get to know the Zenith providers

    Sesame account manager support

    Your Sesame account manager is here to help you get started with protection. From navigating the products and providers available with your Sesame membership, to how you can embed protection into your firm’s processes, reach out to your Sesame account manager today to get the support you need.