“A good place to be for any brokerage”

We joined Sesame in 2013 after a recommendation from a fellow broker firm. Sesame had been around for a number of years and so we felt they were well-positioned in the marketplace to help support our new business.

In recent years, Sesame has gone from strength to strength and has offered us comprehensive support from senior positions within the business. This includes assistance from departments such as compliance and file checking, training & competence, and the lender relationship team. We are able to work closely with the team at Sesame who try their hardest to accommodate anything that will make our business lives easier and more rewarding.

I feel that Sesame is a good place to be for any new or experienced brokerage looking for complete network support.

Steve Vanner
Business Principal, Calibre Capital


“We would definitely recommend Sesame as a network”

We have been part of the Sesame network on and off for the past 20 years, through companies we have worked with and with our own company for the last three years.

We have stayed with Sesame for all this time because we feel that they genuinely have their members’ business success at the centre of all their processes and decisions – after all they would not have a business themselves without us!

Sesame is always keen to get feedback from us regarding existing and new ideas in development of technology, and has made big improvements to their compliance service and support where we now feel able to call them at any time with any query we have, without being made to feel stupid or inadequate. We are confident that we now comfortably meet the FCA’s requirements and no longer worry on a day to day basis about compliance.

At Nepcote, we have made the decision to update and raise our profile within the local area which has meant a much bigger presence on social media. The Advertising team at Sesame has been very helpful with ensuring that our posts are all compliant and there is now a whole department who give us regular pre-approved posts for all our social media platforms which has made things incredibly easy for my marketing team!

We would definitely recommend Sesame as a network to established and new mortgage brokers as they will ensure that you are up and running in record time and writing good quality, compliant, business. The fees are very competitive, and the commission levels are top of the tree. 

Mandy Baker
Director, Nepcote Financial

“We look back with great memories”

When we met with Sesame we felt very comfortable from the start and felt like we would be supported at the level we would need from day one. We are pleased to say that we haven’t looked back and this has been the case.
Having now been with the network for nearly five years we look back with great memories and appreciation of the support we have been given throughout this time. Sesame has always been clear of its proposition, what to expect and has treated us fairly as members throughout the whole of our membership.
The focus of our business has and will continue to be mortgage and protection advice. Working with Sesame has enabled us to have the variety that is so important in terms of lenders and protection providers. More importantly because of their size has on many occasions enabled us to win business that we may have not been able to should we not have had the support of a network of its size and the exclusive products that it enables them to negotiate for us as members. Their support has also helped us grow our team and a steady pace from 2-7 in this time.
Being new to self-employment is a daunting time for any new business. What Sesame gave us was a fantastic cushion of support that helped us step by step through the process from set up to now running a successful and compliant business.
Compliance as anyone in the industry knows is a vital and integral part of what we do and needs to adhere to. Any good firm looking for longevity in the industry will have this high on their business plans at the start and importantly going forward. Half measures and cutting corners is not the route to a successful business and Sesame will support you in terms of making sure that you are on track, compliant and a business recognised in the industry for getting things right and looking after your clients properly.
The industry we work in is an evolving and changing business where nothing stands still for long. The future holds lots of opportunities and threats. We feel that having the right network through these changing times is vital and believe that Sesame has the right tools including fantastic technology, training and business development to help anyone achieve their goals now and in the future.

James Wright
Director, Coombes & Wright