With so much pressure on time and income streams, now more than ever Advisers need Technology to help streamline their processes, make their business run more efficiently, and add value to their proposition.

Key features:

  • Client Management suite including advanced reporting and segmentation, campaign management, recording and invoicing system, and diary and task management integrated into Microsoft Office
  • Advice Centre with integrated Sesame-approved Fact Find, Attitude to Risk (ATR), Shortfall Analysis, Suitability Reporting and Illustrations tools
  • Third-party integration with Avelo Exchange Portal and Mortgage Brain’s online sourcing and KFI engine
  • Cloud Based solution allowing access on the go, and world-leading levels of security, backup and disaster recovery for your data


  • Makes you more efficient: Key system integration helps eliminate data re-entry. Shared workflow and diary features make central management simpler.
  • Makes fee-charging easy: Set templates for fl at fee, per hour or % charging & attribute costs to individual tasks.
  • Identifies your most, and least, profitable clients: Pull powerful reports down to individual customer level.
  • Makes invoicing simple: System-generated client invoices, payment tracking & reconciliation.
  • Allows constant risk monitoring: Set custom alerts to monitor risky behaviour, such as attempts to advise in unqualified areas, or sudden spikes in income.
  • Ensures consistent and compliant advice: SBG approved Fact Finds, Risk Profiler, Suitability Letter Generators etc… ensure consistent processes across all advisers.
  • Ensures service level promises are kept: Service levels tied to customer segments, and system prompts on key deliverables.
  • Enables mobile working: Access anytime, anywhere there’s an internet connection.
  • Adapts and develops with its users: The ‘hive mind’ of thousands of users worldwide are fed into future developments, helping best practice to spread to all users.