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I need support on how to advise business owners and the self-employed on their protection needs

If you need an introduction to business protection, look no further. We’ve partnered with the UK’s leading protection providers to bring you lots of information you need to help you get started with business protection.



Webinar - An Introduction To Business Protection

Adviser guides

What Is Business Protection? From Royal London
Put simply, business protection helps to protect your client’s business should a director, partner, member or key employee suffer a critical illness or die. Having this financial protection in place is vital in allowing businesses to recover quickly and minimise the impact should the worst happen.
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Business Protection Guide from Aegon
Aegon’s comprehensive guide to Business Protection provides insight into how to develop professional connections and identify potential clients as well as the more complex issues surrounding tax and trusts. It also includes access to Aegon’s ‘Vault’ which hosts a wealth of sales materials to support advisers recommending business protection to clients.
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Guide to introducing business intestacy risk
If your customer is a business owner, have they thought about a business will? Aegon’s intestacy audit helps your customer to ensure what they want to happen, actually does if they become critically ill or die.
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Ill-Prepared: Self-employed Guide from The Exeter 
There’s now over 5 million self-employed people in the UK, but only 1 in 10 of the self-employed workers surveyed by The Exeter have income protection.
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Let's be more practical and less technical

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Protecting a business against serious illness

Critical illness cover is a crucial element of business protection, says Jude Reynolds.
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Four business protection myths busted

Zurich’s Paul McDowell sets the record straight….
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Business protection myth #1: do sole traders need it?

If a sole trader employs just one person, the case for business insurance can be stark...
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Business protection myth #2: is 'relevant life' sufficient?

Continuing our series examining myths surrounding business protection, Zurich's Paul McDowell explores if a relevant life policy can be used as a business protection tool...
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Business protection myth #3: Writing to HMRC
Does writing to HMRC explaining the purpose of a business protection policy ensure its tax treatment? Paul McDowell provides an answer.
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Business protection myth #4: Tax relief on premiums

ou may have heard the mantra that if you don’t claim tax relief on the premiums, you won’t be taxed on the sum assured. Well, it isn’t quite that straightforward...
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Business protection adviser guide
Helping you protect your business clients.
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Personal sick pay adviser guide 

Income protection for clients in riskier jobs.
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Guide to trusts 

For Business Protection policies .
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Business protection tools

Business protection calculator from AIG
This tool can be used to produce a report summarising a business's needs, and recommendations for protecting its most valuable assets - its people.
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Continuity and succession referral form from Aegon

This form helps you identify your customer’s business protection needs so they can start putting measures in place to plan for the future wellbeing of the business if the worst happens.
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Business Risk Calculator
work out the likelihood of health issues affecting key people within the business, and the potential financial risk to the business.
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Suitability letter tool

Add and edit suggested wording.
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Demonstrating suitability

Reasons why from AIG

Download this suitability template from AIG, designed to provide you with the background information you might require for ‘reasons why’ letters when recommending AIG Business Protection Term Assurance / Business Protection Critical Illness with Term Assurance to your clients. They shouldn’t be used in lieu of a full and proper assessment of whether and why AIG Business Protection is suitable in a particular situation.

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