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Sesame Bankhall Group is proud to be a market leader in financial services distribution and is committed to helping our members thrive and grow their business.

Our scale and size ensures that we are able to offer advisers all the support they need from core compliance to innovative services which augment their business. In contrast to many of our competitors, we are continuing to invest in new initiatives to build a secure future for the advice profession.


One of the largest distributors of financial services in the UK

The longest established network and support service provider in the industry Winner of a host of industry awards including ‘Best Mortgage Network 2013’

A subsidiary of the Aviva Group

The largest intermediary distributor of mortgages in the UK. Representing a 14% share of the entire UK mortgage market


All firms in today’s financial marketplace will have to make changes to the way they operate. At SBG we recognise this and are committed to offering advisers real choice – our breadth means no matter which business model you choose to adopt, we can assist you. Since we have been providing advisers with professional support services for longer than anyone else, you can be confident that with SBG your future is in safe hands.

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