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To ensure you get quality financial advice to suit your needs, look for a financial adviser who is a member of the Sesame network. Fill in our referral form and we will find the Sesame adviser nearest to you who can help with your query.

Quality advice

All advisers in the UK have to work within the regulations laid down by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) These can change quickly and frequently, and can be very detailed and complicated.

Sesame works closely with the regulator to interpret new rules and policy changes, turning them into specific and clear guidance to help its members ensure they are advising you in a fair and compliant manner.

And it’s in our interest to make sure they do this.

Sesame members are ‘Appointed Representatives’ of Sesame. This means Sesame is ultimately responsible to the regulator for the quality of the advice that Sesame members give, and the onus is therefore on us to check the quality of the advice our members give. If a Sesame adviser is not up to our exacting standards, we terminate the relationship – it’s as simple as that.

Being a Sesame member for a financial adviser, therefore, is like a Kite Mark of quality assurance for the advice you will receive.​

The best products and prices

Financial Services is a very fast-moving industry. New products emerge all the time and existing ones change constantly.

Sesame constantly research, review and rate new and existing financial products, and use our position as one of the UK’s largest distributors of retail advice to negotiate the very best rates on the very best products for your adviser to pass on to you.

Our advisers get access to many exclusive products that are not available elsewhere – not even direct from the providers themselves – making talking to a Sesame adviser a must for anyone looking for financial advice.​

Access to innovation

In any industry, to develop truly innovative new products, technologies and approaches can take a lot of capital investment – often more than a normal financial advice firm could afford.

Because we have thousands of firms within the Sesame Bankhall Group, though, we can, and do, develop these innovations of their behalf.​​​

Award-winning support

All of the above contributes to why, time and again, Sesame wins industry awards voted for by its industry peers.

Amongst our latest awards are:

  • 2013 Mortgage Strategy Awards – Best Network
  • 2012 Mortgage Strategy Awards – Best Network
  • 2011 Mortgage Strategy Awards – Best Network

2010 Money Marketing Financial Services Awards – Best Mortgage Network, Best Network & Support Services Provider

Treating Customers Fairly

TCF stands for Treating Customers Fairly.

TCF isn’t new; it’s been around for quite some time in different shapes and themes within Financial Services and with the recent change from the previous Financial Services Authority (FSA) Regulator - to the new Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), the new Regulator is refocusing one of its existing Business Principles;

A firm must pay due regard to the interest of its customers and treat them fairly

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has further stated that;

Treating customers fairly (TCF) remains central to our expectations of firms’ conduct, that firms put the well-being of customers at the heart of how they run their businesses

Sesame Bankhall Group (SBG) take Treating Customers Fairly seriously and views TCF as a vital element of our business.

Everything we do from designing business strategy, implementing Training and Competency frameworks, attracting new members and clients to the Group, to helping new and existing financial advisers deliver compliant business, is designed to help make sure that you, the actual consumer get a fair outcome when receiving financial advice.

SBG is committed to ensuring our business operates with integrity and that the interest of you the customer is at the heart of everything we do, helping to make sure our regulated guidance and support filters down to our members and clients - helping them deliver compliant solutions and fair outcomes to you.

That’s why we make sure we inform our members and clients are provided with up-to- date regulatory news and guidelines provided by the FCA,; ensuring SBG business practices policies and procedures are designed with TCF in mind, so that you the consumers get the right service, product and clear documentation at all times.

Sesame Bankhall Treating Customer Fairly Culture

In shaping our TCF Culture and making it more visible to You – the customer, we have undertaken a number of new activities to reinforce our existing TCF practices and TCF culture.

In shaping our TCF Culture and making it more visible for our Sesame members and our employees, we have undertaken a number of new activities to reinforce our existing TCF practices.

For our Sesame members these include;

  • Designing new TCF training modules for Sesame members as part of their Induction course;
  • Delivering a TCF Planning Tool which helps our Sesame Firms set out their TCF strategy;
  • Producing TCF specific guidelines for our Sesame members when they are providing you with Financial Advice and products;
  • Ensuring that TCF statements are included and promoted in all ‘customer facing documentation’ that can be used as part of the advice process.

For our Staff these include;

  • Promoting a positive TCF culture;
  • Making our TCF policy statement more visible within our offices and internal websites;
  • Allocating  TCF responsibilities throughout our Executive Board;
  • Communicating regular TCF key message updates;
  • Aligning TCF requirements within all staff job descriptions;
  • Delivering TCF training to all Sesame Bankhall Staff;
  • Conducting regular member and staff TCF surveys, and working on the feedback.​

Contact SBG

SBG is committed to TCF and to help the FCA in achieving its TCF objectives, that why we place a great deal of importance on providing our Sesame members with the best regulatory, technical and business development support to help them provide an excellent consumer experience to you - the customer.

Remember: you can contact Sesame Bankhall Group with feedback on any area of service that you have received from a Sesame member that you may wish to comment on.

Please email us at [email protected].

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If you feel you would like to make a complaint about a Sesame adviser or employee, please refer to the following documents.

To ensure you get quality advice tailored to your needs, you should look for a financial adviser who is a member of the Sesame network.

Fill in our referral form and we will find the Sesame adviser nearest to you who can help with your query.